Dance Party In My Pants Party


Zoe Bloom cannot stop dancing! She has been going to all the cool nightclubs with her new friends and now, she is addicted to bass, a slave to the drum beat. When her bro finds her dancing in the kitchen, he asks her what the hell she is doing and then explains that he does not know how to dance. Well lucky for him his sis has all the moves. She offers to teach him and quickly finds herself rubbing her ass against the hard bulge straining beneath his shorts. He cant stop thinking about her ass so he comes into her bedroom and asks her for more lessons. He asks her if he can just pull it out and she says yeah, just do not stick it in me. That, however, does not last, and she asks him to cum in her panties. He shoots his load inside her, pulling his wet dick out of her and rubbing his load all over the thin airstrip of pubes she has left. The next day, when he helps her out of her tight dress, they decide to spend the night pretending they are not siblings. And yes, that means exactly what you think it does. A mouthful of cock for Zoe before her bro rails her hard from behind.