Rejected Loan? Blow The Manager, Don’t Give Up!


Young and highly ambitious Diane Chrystal was used to a certain lifestyle. Today, she turned up at the local bank to apply for a loan, so that she could pay for her online training courses. The manager rejected the application because Diane worked as a waitress and didn’t have enough money. The blonde was not as stupid as she looked. She knew a foolproof way to make the manager reconsider the rejection. When he was about to ask her to leave, she did something that made him gasp. She dropped to her knees and started undoing his pants before saying: “You don’t get it, I REALLY need that loan.” Yeah, she began to selflessly pleasure his penis with her mouth. The guy did NOT see that coming, but he was happy to have a horny gal blowing him like a total pro. “Hope nobody’s gonna walk in on this!” – he thought before jamming his cock up her needy slit.